Experts Agree—Everyone Will Be Asking for These 6 Nail Colours in August
August is always a tricky month. It's that weird time at the end of summer when you're not really sure how you're meant to dress. On one hand, it can feel like it's time to give up shorts and T-shirts, but on the other, it's just a little too soon to be getting out the winter coats. One thing you don't have to be uncertain about this August though is your nail colour.
These Are the Best Nail Strengtheners on the Market
Dry, brittle nails are the worst. Whether due to nutritional deficiencies or wear and tear amplified by nail treatments like gel and acrylics, it can often feel hard to maintain healthy nails. It's safe to say that weak nails that are prone to splitting and snapping are a surefire way to ruin a fresh manicure.
13 Nail Polish Brands That Deliver Salon-Grade Manicures
Having inadvertently tried just about every nail polish brand out there between us, we've come to realise that some formulations really are superior, higher price points don't always mean better quality, and chipping shouldn't come standard.
13 Nail Polish Brands That Deliver Salon-Grade Manicures
Like carrying a designer handbag, there's just something about a fresh manicure or a sleek pedicure that makes you walk taller. It's a small luxury that goes a long way in making you feel more confident, which is precisely why nail appointments are so in-demand.
I'm Not a Betting Woman, but I'm Certain This Nail Colour Will Dominate Autumn
The hashtag #brownnailpolish has a cool three million views and counting on TikTok, and although this expensive-looking nail colour is nothing new and simply a neutral go-to for many, perhaps it's the 'latte' beauty trend that is prompting a surge in further interest. Or, it could be the fact that summer's more frivolous, fun colours now feel a little out of place when the weather has been so dire.
"Tuxedo Nails" Is the Surprising Nail Trend Every Minimalist Will Love
There are so many fun, colourful nail trends out there at the moment, from lavender nails to Barbie nail designs and more. That being said, if you're more of a minimalist, then you might be looking for something a little simpler to try this summer. If that's the case, you're in luck, as the latest trend to take over the internet is as chic as can be. Say hello to "tuxedo nails".
These Fresh Pedicure Colours Are All the Experts Are Talking About
People often stuck on what colours to go for in the autumn months. We don't tend to switch up they pedicure shades as much as do manicures, so we always like to opt for something that we know will be in style for weeks to come. Considering this, let's see what the experts think in autumn.
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